> 19.02.2014 Nerd Nite Berlin #18

19.02.2014 Nerd Nite Berlin #18

Matteo Cossu: The Cretaceous in Publishing – or how the internet is really just a big meteorite

Towards the end of the Cretaceous, the Earth suffered one of the biggest mass-extinction events of its history. One of the most accredited causes is the impact of a meteorite, which cut off resources and started a chain reaction that led to the disappearance of dinosaurs and to the rise of mammals. The publishing world has been hit by a meteorite called the internet, and we are just now starting to see its effects. Through this strange yet fitting analogy, the talk will analyze how and why corporate publishing houses and distribution chains are dying and why now is the time for small publishers and independent book producers to arise.

Matteo Cossu is managing editor at SHS Publishing. The company focuses on smarter, more informative and long-lived illustrated books in the fields of Graphic Design, Typography, Arts technique and Contemporary Culture. He recently founded Noctua Press, the first Risograph-printed, limited-edition literary publishing house focusing on new and up&coming authors. He believes the printed book will never die.

Wana Limar: Bildung durch Videos – YouTube macht intelligenter

Wer bei Youtube an Katzenvideos und Schminktutorials denkt, der sollte sein Bild vom Videoportal etwas entstauben: Jede Sekunde wird eine Stunde Videomaterial hochgeladen, ein Großteil davon beschäftigt sich mit jeglichen Lebens- und Wissensbereichen. Dadurch ist ein gigantischer Wissenspool entstanden – Youtube ist die größte Weiterbildungsdatenbank der Welt geworden.

Wana ist 23, kreiert gerade ihren eigenen Videoblog über Mode und Musik, hört Hip Hop, würde am liebsten den ganzen Tag lang nur im Internet hängen und guckt leidenschaftlich gern Universumsdokus und The Office.

Richard Schut: Was läuft denn da, Berlin? News from the underground

Berlin is a vibrant city of sharing, co-creation and sustainability. However, if the mainstream media do not pick up those news it is time to start an alternative broadcast channel. In the Berlin U-Bahn Richard explores novel ways of sharing the latest news. „We are the news, we wear the news!“ He crosses the line between art-installation and everyday news. What will be on the (nerd) news tonight?

With an iPad Dutchman Richard turns himself into an engaging news station while traveling on the Berliner U-Bahn.

Ray Mann
Indie soul musician & visual artist Ray Mann has supported Al Green, Tori Amos, Jamie Lidell, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Lauryn Hill, Aloe Blacc, Roy Ayers and many more. Ray was born to Egyptian parents, was raised in Sydney, and is based in Berlin. More ray-mann.com

Special Guest:
Cyndi Lynott from Nerd Nite Los Angeles

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